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Kingroot is the most popular, powerful and smarter rooting tool that have designed for the Android smart phones and tablets. This gives you the fastest and the most simple one click root experience for both PC and APK versions. Rooting your device can cause to get many advantages which is better than a normal Android device. Kingroot apk download is regularly updating and adding new features for a complete and successful rooting experience for Android. Download kingroot  compatible with Android devices which powered by Media Tek processors. Kingroot download is simple and user friendly tool for installing custom recoveries and CWMs. Grab your device and follow our simple tutorials to get root a device within a few minitues.

kingroot android apk download
download android kingroot setup for windows

Right now King Root 5.1.0 is available to install for the Android devices. The recent version support with new devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Sony Xperia XZ etc and the latest version is compatible with Android 7.0 and below versions. Rooting will open door to a unlimited possibilities that can be done with your device. KingRoot apk download afford you a fast and easy rooting mechanism with or without using a PC. The English version runs on devices comprised of “Armeabi” and you can grab Kingroot apk v5.1.0 from our site and follow our android kingroot download smartphone root guide to get a better experience.

Android Kingroot Download

King Root 5.1.0 apk Features

  • supports with new latest devices
  • Working with the latest Android Nougats version
  • Customize appearance
  • Access to root only apps
  • Boots up the system
  • Extended battery life

King Root Android Rooting with PC

kingroot download PC

A few rooting fans ask questions like why there's a PC version of Kingroot even there is a free version for Android. You can root some devices without needed of a computer using the mobile tool, that's truth but the PC version supports more devices than the mobile version.

  • Download PC version
  • Install King Root for PC
  • Connect your PC and the device via a USB cable.
  • A green color mark will display when the connection made successfully.
  • Click Blue color “Root” button to start single click rooting.
  • It may take a few seconds to check the best method for rooting.
  • After a the rooting process successful finished, you will be able to know

Kingroot APK Download Root Guide

Android kingroot apk download
  • Go to Settings > Security” on your device
  • Tick the box which allows "Unknown Sources"
  • Go to and download kingroot apk file for mobile or transfer the PC version
  • Open android kingroot download file
  • Rooting process will begin
  • After installing done, a Green button color button will appeaer and click on it
  • After a short while, you will see a green check mark along with a blue bar below on it.
  • Click the blue bar and install “KingUser” app on the device.

Download Kingroot Android Root Video Tutorial

Get the latest apk and begin to root your Android device successfully and faster. The PC version supports for rooting the device while connected to a PC or you can direct download King Root apk on your mobile. Keep in your mind that King Root is currently supported with more than 100,000 device models around the world.

Kingroot Download Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Meaning of Root?

  • In every platform, whether it is Android, Windows or any other system, root access mean reach to the center of the system. If you have root access to any system that you work, it does mean that you can do anything you want with that system.

    Simply, think about this website. The only thing you can do on this site is view content and go to the links that I have published, you're not able to edit the content and change them because you have no access to my server. This whole process is similar to Android rooting. In unrooted devices, you have to do is downloading apps from Play Store, view files that the operating system let you. But if you earn the root access on the device, you will have an awesome experience with your Android device.

Does Rooting cancel the Warranty on My Device?

  • If you have rooted the device, the warranty will be canceled but if you unroot your device again, your warranty will be continued. This because there's is no way to know that it was rooted before.

Does Rooting Dangerous?

  • Some people think that rooting is a dangerous process that can harm to the device. Literally, a few number of users crack their devices while the rooting mechanism but you don't need to worry if you follow the procedure using our complete guides.

Kingroot Download Compatible Devices

  • Actually, download Kingroot does not support with all the Android devices but recently, the developer team released the version 5.1.0 of this tool. Right now, Kingroot is working with a huge number of devices than the other rooting tools.

How to Remove Kingroot Download apk ?

  1. Open KingUser app then tap on “Settings” on the top right of home screen
  2. Tap on “Root authorization setting ”
  3. You will see “Remove Root permission” option
  4. Click on it and KingUser will delete automatically

Kingroot apk Credits

Credits for Android kingroot download goes to Chinese developing team for their commitment.